Dafur Genocide: Thousands of Africans Murdered by Arab Jihadi Terrorists amidst Global Silence!

Reports have emerged at approximately 0900 EST indicating a large-scale ethnic cleansing perpetrated against civilians Africans in al-Junaynah, Darfur, Sudan. Initial sources suggested the involvement of RSF (Rapid Support Forces) personnel in the genocide.

Astonishingly, conflicting information surfaced, with a video claiming that Arab jihadi terrorists had captured and killed a group of Africans in the same village. Strikingly, these videos were initially posted by RSF-affiliated members on social media platforms, adding a layer of complexity to the situation.

By 1000 EST, the West Darfur State Revolutionaries Bloc released a harrowing statement, asserting that RSF forces had brutally taken control of the area, resulting in the deaths of over 2,000 Africans and leaving at least 3,000 injured.

The statement depicted horrifying atrocities, likened to the Rwandan genocide, where RSF militias, along with supporting Arab militias, engaged in systematic physical cleansing of Blacks. The victims included leaders of the civil administration of the Masalit tribe, women, children, the elderly, and youth.

Despite pleas from various quarters, including the international community, the earthnic cleansing persisted, prompting the West Darfur Revolutionary Bloc to call for urgent intervention. The group urged the Sudanese people, both within the country and abroad, to monitor the situation closely and called upon humanitarian organizations, the International Criminal Court, and the Human Rights Council to swiftly intervene.

The gravity of the situation was further underscored by the mass exodus of 7,000 Blacks into Chad since the commencement of the violence on or around November 3rd. Doctors Without Borders reported a surge in refugees, predominantly women and children, fleeing the conflict in Sudan, recounting stories of widespread violence against civilians.

Amid this turmoil, local human rights monitors revealed a chilling detail. Up to 800 Africans had been executed by Arabs within the confines of the Ardamata IDP (Internally Displaced Persons) camp in West Darfur. The situation painted a grim picture of the ongoing genocide, demanding urgent attention from the international community to come to the aid of helpless Africans getting terrorised by Arabs


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