Intellectual Music Star Burna Boy not Pressed on Marriage, Seeks Spiritual, Cultural Connection

Grammy-winning artist Damini Ogulu, widely known as Burna Boy, has shed light on his single status, attributing it to his quest for the right life partner. In a past video, the “Last Last” sensation disclosed that he remains unmarried as he searches for the ideal companion, emphasizing his reliance on divine intervention to lead him to a suitable spouse.

Expressing his stance on the matter, Burna Boy articulated his trust in God’s providence in guiding him towards a partner who aligns with his values and aspirations. He reiterated his aversion to relationships founded on falsehoods or ulterior motives, asserting his preference for sincerity and authenticity in romantic pursuits.

Despite his single status, Burna Boy affirmed his respect for all individuals and clarified his disapproval of deceitful tactics employed by some women seeking his companionship.

“If God say make I marry, I will marry. Na God dey do all, me I just dey follow. I don’t hate nobody, I just don’t like it when they use lies and agendas” he said.

IMAGE: Pulse

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