Supreme Court Upholds Tinubu,s Controversial Win despite Fraud, Forgeries, 1993 $460,000 Drug Money Forfeiture Indictments

Nigeria’s Supreme Court reaffirmed Tinubu’s election victory, dismissing challenges from his main rivals, Atiku Abubakar of the People’s Democratic Party and Peter Obi of the Labour Party. The two opposition leaders had appealed a September 6 tribunal judgement that endorsed Tinubu’s victory.

The opposition leaders contested Tinubu’s win, alleging irregularities marred the election. Despite their claims, the seven Supreme Court judges upheld Tinubu’s victory, granting the alleged 71-year-old a clear mandate to govern the nation. This decision comes amid Nigeria’s struggles with pressing issues, including double-digit inflation, foreign currency shortages, a weakening naira, widespread insecurity, and crude oil theft.

After nearly three decades of nearly continuous military rule, Nigeria transitioned to democracy in 1999. However, subsequent electoral cycles in the country have been plagued by persistent allegations of ballot-rigging and fraud.

This verdict mirrors past presidential elections in Nigeria, where legal challenges have been a common occurrence. Despite accusations of ballot-rigging and fraud, previous attempts to overturn election results through the courts have not succeeded. Tinubu’s rivals, Abubakar and Obi, had specifically contested the election commission’s failure to electronically transmit polling station results to an online portal, questioning their authenticity.

Additionally, they argued that Tinubu did not secure the required 25% of votes in the federal capital, Abuja, thus challenging his eligibility for the presidency. However, the Supreme Court judges shockingly rejected all these claims, solidifying Tinubu’s position as the confirmed president of Africa’s most populous nation.


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