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Okuama Massacre: IYC Demand Army halt Disrespectful Southern Nigeria Invasions, Killings, Intimidations

Ijaw Youth Council IYC has demanded the Nigerian military stop both the intimidation of its kinsmen and the disrespectful invasions of Ijaw communities and ancestral lands in the Niger Delta.

The Umbrella body raised alarm after observing the incessant invasions, targeted harassment and arrest of Ijaw sons, particularly on Monday, April 8, 2024, at about 3.30 a.m. in Osokun, Degema Local Council of Rivers State, where a highly revered Ijaw leader, Sobomabo Jackrich, popularly known as Egberipapa, was arrested and two of his men killed in the process.

A statement signed by IYC spokesman, Binebia Princewill, demanded that the Ijaw tribe were not slaves in Nigeria. The statement added that the Ijaw had sacrificed a lot towards the country’s development and would not tolerate the Nigerian state treating them as a conquered people.

The statement reads: “In the last few months, Ijaw lands and her prominent leaders have been invaded, harassed, arrested and embarrassed, for whatever strange reason, by the military that the Ijaw are yet to know.

“IYC worldwide was inundated with distress calls from Ijaw youths all over the world, yesterday, on how military men with vans and Armoured Personnel Carrier (APC) stormed the Osokun residence of Jackrich in Degema, wherein two persons were killed, while Jackrich was arrested and taken to an unknown destination.”

The umbrella body wondered why the Nigerian military can only be powerful in the South and Niger Delta and cannot be seen displaying such might in the North that far worse crimes are committed by criminals and terrorists

It further added “IYC is demanding to know the whereabouts of Jackrich, who was governorship candidate in the last general election in Rivers and a critical stakeholder and leader in Ijaw nation.” IYC expressed fear that the Ijaw would not be surprised to wake up one day and see that the military had invaded former President Goodluck Jonathan’s house.

IMAGE: Vanguard

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