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Traditionalists push for African Native Religion in Nigeria’s Education Curriculum

Secretary of the Oyo state Traditional Religion Worshipers Association, Mr Fayemi Fakayode has called on the government to officially include traditional African religious studies into Nigeria’s education curriculum. He said this was necessary to remould the minds of younger generations for collective unity and harmonious existence amongst the tribes, the knowledge of self was paramount

Fakayode who is the founder of Olodumare’s Temple of Light International, stated that colonisation has done a severe damage to the African psyche making us averse to our African history, culture and ancestral achievements.

He also said, “We made this call during the installation of two Brazilians, Awoyomi Fakayode and Iyanifa Ifatayo Obemo as Mayegun and Yeye Mayegun of Ìjọ Ìmọ́lẹ̀ Olódùmarè Àgbáyé, respectively, on Sunday at Alade Town in the Akinyele Local Government Area of the state.

“The time has come for both the Federal and State Governments to include TRK as a subject in the primary and secondary school curriculum, like they have the IRK and CRK, respectively. There is a need for proper education to impart to the younger generations the needed knowledge of our traditions and religion.

“Also, there is a need to equip the younger generations with culturally based knowledge which will make them useful for themselves and their land as well as implanting in them the spirit of patriotism that will make them unyielding to the spirit of betraying their ancestors.

“We call on the traditionalists to start making efforts to establish this subject in our primary and secondary schools, while the Federal and State Governments will give it the needed support by approving its inclusion in the school’s syllabus and curriculum.”

Fakayode reiterated the need to get African religion and cultural studies into Nigerian schools to mentally protect our children and grand kids from all types of foreign exploitation that is sadly happening to us today

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