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Burna Boy is The Greatest African Artist of All Time- Rick Ross

American rapper Rick Ross recently expressed his admiration for Nigerian singer Burna Boy, labeling him as the best African artist of all time. During an Instagram live session with South African rapper Nasty C, Ross confidently placed Burna Boy at the top of his list of top African artists, emphasizing the Nigerian singer’s Grammy-winning status as a testament to his talent and influence in the music industry.

Rick Ross went on to mention Senegalese-American singer Akon as his second pick for the top African artists of all time, following Burna Boy. Meanwhile, Nasty C suggested that the late South African rapper AKA should be ranked third on the list. The conversation sparked discussion among fans and industry observers about the impact and legacy of these influential African artists.

In the conversation, Nasty C concurred with Ross’s assessment, affirming Burna Boy’s unparalleled impact on the African music scene. Rick Ross further elaborated on his ranking by placing Senegalese-American singer Akon in the second position, acknowledging Akon’s significant contributions to the global music landscape. Nasty C also weighed in by suggesting that the late South African rapper AKA deserved the third spot on the list, highlighting AKA’s enduring legacy in the African music community.

The discussion between Rick Ross and Nasty C show the growing recognition of African artists on the international stage, with Burna Boy emerging as a standout figure in the global music arena.

IMAGE: Umunsi

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