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“We Will Culturally Exterminate Nigerian Natives!”, Arab Religion Adherent Brags on Tweeter Space- (AUDIO)

In a recently surfaced recording on X, formerly Twitter, concerns have been raised regarding the alleged Arab religion agenda in Nigeria, with accusations directed towards pro-arab religion factions within the country. The recording captures a statement attributed to a pro-arab religion supporter Nigerian figure, purportedly affirming the labelling of the Nigerian military as a “Muslim” military, further fuelling suspicions of a concerted effort to foist the arab religion on Nigerians.

These claims underscore the deep-seated apprehensions prevalent among certain segments of the population, particularly in Southern Nigeria, regarding the encroachment of Sharia, the arab religion law and the subjugation of Nigerian natives.

The narrative presented in the recording has reignited discussions surrounding the perceived intentions of Northern Nigerian Fulani elites in advancing their agenda of foisting the arab religion on Nigerians. For many Nigerians, particularly those in the South, the notion of being subject to arab Sharia law represents a direct threat to their way of life and fundamental freedoms.

Moreover, assertions linking the current geopolitical landscape to historical grievances, such as the Nigeria-Biafra war, underscore the long-standing tensions and divisions within the country.

Against the backdrop of these allegations, calls have been made to international bodies, including the United Nations and its Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres, to address the escalating concerns.

The message is clear: any appeasement or support extended to arab religion extremists or their backers risks exacerbating the situation and undermining efforts towards peace and stability in Nigeria

As the discourse surrounding the arab religion agenda in Nigeria continues to unfold, it remains imperative for stakeholders within Nigeria to understand in-depth what is truly at stake, engage in constructive dialogue with proactive measures aimed at safeguarding the cultural identities and territorial sovereignty of Nigerian natives.

IMAGE: X/DanielOsita

VIDEO: X/DanielOsita

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