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African American Dad gifts 13-Year-old Son 40 Acres of California Land

Mr Faheem, an African American entrepreneur hailing from San Diego, California made headlines last year for his thoughtful gesture towards his son on his 13th birthday. In a move aimed at instilling valuable lessons in land ownership and generational wealth, Faheem, gifted his son a sprawling 40-acre plot of land in California.

As the co-founder of a reputable real estate investment firm, Faheem,s decision to bestow such a significant asset upon his son stems from his own upbringing and values instilled by his mother, Aminah. Reflecting on his childhood, Faheem recalls his mother’s teachings on the importance of property ownership and community support, which have profoundly influenced his approach to parenting

IOINEWS will soon interview Faheem to find out the motive behind such wonderful and thoughtful gift.

The upcoming interview will hopefully shed further light into the motivations behind this unconventional yet invaluable investment in his son’s future plus the significance of land ownership for African men in today’s society

IMAGE: Goodmorning America

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