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Peter Obi Honors Honest Kano Tricyclist with University Scholarship

2023 Labour Party Presidential Candidate Peter Obi, along with his running mate Baba-Ahmed Datti, have announced a scholarship for Auwalu Salisu, a tricycle rider from Kano, who returned a sum of N15 million to its rightful owner. Salisu’s act of honesty garnered attention last year when he returned the money, which had been forgotten by a passenger from Chad.

The scholarship, disclosed at the ongoing LEADERSHIP awards and Conference in Abuja, entails covering Salisu’s expenses such as feeding, schooling, and accommodation until he graduates from Baze University.

Salisu, a resident of Yankaba in Nasarawa Local Government Area of Kano state, became widely praised for his integrity after hearing an announcement about the missing money on a local radio station and promptly returning it to its owner. The gesture earned him recognition from Obi and Datti, who emphasized the importance of investing in Northern Nigeria. Obi stressed that the North possesses immense potential in agriculture, highlighting the need to harness the region’s resources for economic development.

During his remarks after receiving the award for Politician of the Year, Obi highlighted the urgent need to address Nigeria’s economic challenges by creating job opportunities and fostering a conducive business environment for the youth. He stated that empowering young people to escape poverty would contribute to reducing crime rates across the country.

Additionally, Obi pointed out the disparity between Nigeria’s vast land resources and its agricultural output, citing examples such as Ukraine, which exports grain despite being in a state of conflict.

By recognizing Salisu’s exemplary conduct and providing him with educational support, Obi and Datti aim to inspire integrity and promote positive values within society, while also advocating for sustainable development initiatives in Nigeria’s northern region.

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