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Unleash Powerful of African Juju on Insecurity Perpetrators, Evil Doers in Nigeria- Satguru Maharaj ji

Satguru Maharaj ji, the founder of One Love Family, has emphasized the importance of incorporating African science to address the prevailing insecurity in Nigeria. Speaking during the celebration of the One Love Family’s Great Mother’s Day on December 5th, Maharaj ji urged the federal government to invest in African science as a strategic approach to combating the ongoing security challenges.

Highlighting the persistence of insecurity, particularly with the presence of Fulnai herders, Maharaj ji advocated for a shift in focus towards traditional African methods. He suggested that the government should allocate resources to support African science instead of relying solely on security measures like Amotekun.

Drawing from the wisdom of Yoruba traditions, he mentioned how our ancestors employed divination to locate wrongdoers, emphasizing the potential efficacy of African science in crime prevention.

Addressing the issue of terrorism, Maharaj ji shared a perspective that views terrorists as individuals who have faced neglect and hunger in their homes. He underscored the importance of addressing the root causes of such challenges and proposed a more profound integration of African science in dealing with crime, alongside nurturing effective leadership..

IMAGE: Vanguard

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