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Abuja: Insecurity Plagued Border Community Resort to Self-Policing as Ineptitude Reigns in Asorok

Residents of Dangbana, a community situated on the border between Abuja and Nasarawa State, have been facing repeated attacks by armed robbers since 2018. The recent killing of Ikharebha Ehis in January highlights the escalating violence, with robbers often targeting residents for their belongings, including phones, laptops, and even vehicles.

Despite seeking assistance from local police stations, residents have been disappointed by the lack of adequate response and resources to combat the frequent raids.

Efforts to secure the community have led residents to resort to self-policing and hiring vigilantes, who patrol the area from midnight until early morning. However, they acknowledge the limitations of these measures against well-armed assailants who often outnumber them. The toll of constant vigilance has taken a significant toll on residents’ well-being and daily lives, with many experiencing sleep deprivation and the inability to perform regular work duties.

In response to the ongoing security challenges, community leaders have proposed the construction of a police station within Dangbana. They intend to build the station themselves and appeal to the government to deploy armed officers to provide protection. While the Nasarawa State Police Command was initially unaware of the community’s plight, they have expressed willingness to assist and encourage community leaders to formally submit their request for support.

Moving forward, residents hope that by establishing a local police presence and receiving support from law enforcement authorities, they can effectively address the security threats facing their community and restore peace and safety for all residents.

They await further dialogue with police officials to initiate concrete steps towards implementing these measures and ensuring the long-term security of Dangbana.

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