Men’s Health: Addressing The Issues of Watery Sperm

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Watery sperm and many sperm related issues has been a regular case study among men. This article tends to address possible causes of this misfortune.

Most factors that cause this worrisome situation are but not limited to the under-listed.

  1. Cell Phones

Radiations emitting from cell phones have been proven to affect the masculine organ which leads to a decrease in sperm count, unknown to many who are addicted to the their phones, the sperm count is dearly suffering a decrease of nutrient as a result of the phones radiation

  1. Trauma

Poorly manage trauma is one factor that leads to huge lose of sperm nutrient, it is obvious that trauma affects the brain and the manhood as well has a direct hormone to the brain, when the traumatic effect is received by the organ particularly to the testis, it can lead to infertility

  1. Tight Clothes

When clothes are too tightened around the chamber of a man, it has the tendency to block proper blood flow in the vein, tight clothes also increases the temperature of the chamber which leads to the reduction of sperm concentration

  1. Paraben

Consumption of products that contains Paraben is dangerous to the manhood as the presence of this product could decree the concentration of the sperm cells Paraben are found in products such as: lotion, moisturizers, shampoo, toothpaste and other cosmetics.

  1. Smoking

Smoking does not only affect the lungs, it also goes down below to scatter a man’s defense, The presence of high Tobacco in the system can cause a decline in sperm penetration, motility of the sperm cells or decrease in the sperm’s concentration

  1. Obesity

Overweight male have high rate of infertility compared to non obesed men, The heavy weight of the man could mount pressure on the lower chamber which can cease blood flow when sited or even increase temperature concentration of the masculine fluid

  1. Excess Alcohol

When there is an abuse, consequent becomes inevitable, However, high content of alcohol in the body fluid affects fertility by lowering testosterone, affecting sperm function and affecting sperm production

  8. Phthalates

These phthalates are chemicals found in plastics and cosmetics, it might found in condoms too depending on the producer, thus, when the phthalates is high in man particular dominant in the urine, such a man would have lower testosterone

 SOURCE: Twitter/I_amValid

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