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ioi Ijaw- Rex Lawson- Abasi Ye Enye

Possibly the most talented and culturally gifted musician Nigeria ever had, Rex Jim Lawson, better known as Cardinal Rex Lawson, was from Buguma Ijaw homeland. Born on the 4th of march in 1934, Rex Lawson coud not only sing effortlessly but was also a standout trumpeter and a bandleader. With an Igbo mother from Owerri, the unique mix heritage inspired him to also learn the Ibibio/ Efik language as well.

Legendary late singer “Cardinal” Rex Jim Lawson (4 March 1938 – 16 January 1971)

With memorable signature tunes like Jolly Papa, Tamuno Bo Iboro Ma, Aye Muba Udeaja, Bere Bote, Anate, Sawale, Osuala Oru Enene, Love Mu Adure, Hail Biafra and more,  Rex Lawson produced soul soothing tunes in his Ijaw native tongue, English, Igbo and the Ibibio language as well

The gentle soul, sadly passed away at a very young age of 33

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Authors: Ekpo/ Daphne

Source: Youtube, Online


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