International Day for Forest: Conservationists warn of Consequences of Continued Depletion of Forestation

Forest scientists and conservationists have warned against more deforestation in Cross River State. According to scientists, the future of humanity is jeopardized as forests disappear at an alarming rate.

According to them, man and other creatures may face unpleasant health concerns in the future as a result of unfavorable human actions that have harmed the ecosystem.

The experts, including Mr Ken Henshaw of We The People, Peter Lawrence of Policy Alert, Ukorebi Essien of Parters4Peace, and Professor of Ethnobotany & Phytopathology, Samuel E. Udoh of the University of Cross River State, UNICROSS, spoke in Calabar to commemorate this year’s International Day for Forests on the theme of Forests and Innovation. They made the claims during an event to restore depleted mangroves in various Cross River creeks hosted in the Idundu community in the state’s Akpabuyo LGA.

Prof Samuel Udoh of UNICROSS emphasized the importance of reforesting the streams to sustain marine life, which in turn supports humanity. Ken Henshaw, representing Ukeme Ekong, stated that the community’s assistance is required for the restoration work of the mangrove project. Ukorebi and Lawrence Peter stated that man is no longer at peace because he has messed with nature, resulting in excessive heat in the environment.

Lawrence stated that a recent study found that certain endangered animal species endemic to Cross River Woods had migrated to neighboring Cameroon as a result of the rapid rate of timber cutting.
“Forest depletion has reduced the number of endangered animals. Our findings revealed that these animals are fleeing to Cameroon for refuge.” In response, the two village chiefs of Idundu and Orok Ekon, HH Effiom Ebanga, and Chief Archibong Orok respectively, applauded the idea.

SOURCE: Culled from daily post/ Asare Asare


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