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Nigerian Government Pledges Review of Traditional Rulers Bill, Recognizing Vital Constitutional Roles

Monday Ani
The National Assembly has reaffirmed its commitment to revisiting the bill concerning the constitutional roles of traditional rulers in Nigeria. Hon. Tajudeen Abbas, the Speaker...

Rivers State: Ancient Ogu Kingdom’s Iria Festival Celebrates Transition of Virgin Maidens into Womanhood

Monday Ani
The 16th century Okrika custom celebrates the virtues of chastity The poignant cultural event is reminiscent of ancient Africa before colonisation The beautiful maidens are...

Igbo Native Spirituality: Odinaala’s Sacred Values, and the Need to Recall the Ancient!

Lazarus Uga
Omenana’, also written ‘omenani’ or ‘omenala’, refers to the culture of the Igbo people of Nigeria. For many authors, ‘omenana’ is synonymous with ‘odinana’ (sometimes...
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Ilorin: Fulani Emir Cancels Yoruba Sacred Worship Festival, Sparking Outrage amidst Shock of Tinubu,s Silence

Monday Ani
The Emir of Ilorin, Ibrahim Sulu Gambari, not too long ago, made headlines after announcing the cancellation of the Isese festival, an annual sacred Yoruba...