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Benue State: Church Advocates Enhanced Security Measures and Economic Policies amidst Concerns of Terrorist Influx

The Faith Hill Prophetic Assembly Church in Makurdi recently issued a communique urging both the Federal and Benue State governments to enhance security measures along the borders of Benue, particularly those adjacent to Nasarawa, Kogi, and Cross River states.

This plea comes in response to concerns about a reported influx of terrorists in the state, potentially escalating insecurity between November and January 2024.

The Presiding Bishop, Dr. Timothy Kume, emphasized the need for proactive security efforts, urging the authorities to deploy effective measures during this critical period. Additionally, the church recommended the establishment of vigilante groups to support community policing, aiming to address the prevailing security challenges.

In a broader context, the church also called on the Senate and Federal Government to disclose the findings of their investigations into refinery renovations nationwide. The Bishop underscored the importance of transparency in revealing detailed reports and the corresponding punitive measures to deter future misconduct.

Furthermore, the church advocated for a comprehensive government approach to economic challenges. It encouraged the utilization of security votes for safeguarding lives and property, proposing policies that hold traditional leaders accountable for security matters in their communities.

The communique also pressed for a reduction in fuel prices to mitigate the economic impact and emphasized the importance of active measures to ensure food security for the populace.

Bishop Kume highlighted the significance of supporting small-scale businesses through soft loans and grants to combat unemployment. He stressed the need for deliberate actions by the Federal Government to narrow the existing gap in the Naira-to-dollar exchange rate and address the high level of inflation in the country.

Additionally, the church called for a focus on agricultural practices to boost the nation’s GDP and ensure food security, leveraging the abundant fertile lands available.

The Presiding Bishop urged the government to create employment opportunities to counteract unemployment, emphasizing the importance of addressing both economic and security challenges for the well-being of the nation.

IMAGE: The Guardian

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