CowryChat: After “Grab it, Snatch it, Run With it” Sacrilege, Invocations on New SM Platform Begins for Nigerian Renaissance

LONDON U.K- ioi media and cowrychat, a new online social media platform, starts the maiden invocation of mourning, sactifications and libations, seeking to cleanse and cover Africa’s most populous nation, Nigeria from impending doom, after years of economic gang rape, genocidal bloodbaths and systemic sacrilege against native customs inflicted on the nation, making it synonymous to a vandalised wasteland too poisoned and sterile for it’s blessed youths to prosper on

Helpless Peter Obi’s teenage flag boys, almost killed by Tinubu’s acculturated APC,s state backed thugs at Oshodi as federal security forces ignore criminality

After years of systemic looting of Nigeria,s commonweath rendering millions of talent wasted, destruction of the natural environment, divisions calculatingly engineered amongst cousin tribes with bastardisation and demonisation of sacred native cultures, the ioi, ( igbo Odua Iduu) Media family in conjuction with, United Nigerian Youths for African Culture, have taking it upon themselves to act.

With alarming visuals of Nigerian men outside the African continent, caressing and grovelling on non African worship symbols belonging to those with a 2000 year genocidal disregards for African skin, heart wrenching images of Nigerians in foreign lands butchered like wild dogs, sinister sights of Nigerian elders hijacking power ignoring karmic consequences and the dictates of African culture, plus aborminable, curse inducing sights of Nigerian militarized men intoxicated with a false sense of superiority after adorning foreign military garbs transforming them into delusional nig*rr abi*d  predatory monstrosities now licensed by a foreign garb to physically destroy helpless Nigerian brothers and sisters. The urgency arise to invoke the help of the universe, else a history of continental capture repeats itself

Riding on the ethereal wave of HE Peter Obi’s induced Obidient movement, ioi Media and, United Nigerian Youths for African Culture, have now transmuted this symbolic aura into the Nigerian Native Renaissance. A mind shift, where that long lost African communally protective spiritual energy, accidentally recalled and invoked into the Nigerian political landscape by HE Peter Obi,s vibrational pulse, now becomes that illuminating forceshield to be carried individually, and more so, responsibly, by all Nigerians for the protection of Nigeria, now and into the future

HE Peter Obi on motorcade at 2023 Nigerian presidencial election swarmed adoringly by NIgerian youths

Nigerian Native Renaissance, aka Consecrating Nigeria, is birthed from HE Peter Obi,s native spiritual essence, and we, the over 300 nation tribes in Nigeria, are not only lucky enough to expirience this in our lifetime, but are now inspired to institute this sacred ethereal essence into an illuminating continuum for the greater goal of consecrating Nigeria as “The Holy Black Land”

Author: Ekpo/ Emmanuel/ Peace/ Osamuyi/ Ndubuisi/ Dare/ Kefas | ioi media/

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