Yoruba Monarch Calls for Native Approach against Insecurity

During the inaugural Yoruba Security Summit convened to address rising insecurity in the Southwest region, the Ooni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Ogunwusi, emphasized the importance of traditional powers in safeguarding territories against threats.

He urged fellow monarchs not to neglect these supernatural resources, asserting that those uninterested in such measures should step down from their thrones. The summit, attended by notable monarchs including the Deji of Akure and the Akarigbo of Remo, resulted in a joint communique advocating for strengthened regional security initiatives, including empowering the Amotekun Corps and enhancing collaboration between traditional rulers and government authorities. It also called for the revitalization of traditional values and the regular convening of security summits to address evolving challenges.

The communique reiterated the importance for Yoruba people to assert control over their forests, homelands, and farmlands, emphasizing the need for effective utilization of resources and modern security techniques. Recommendations included bolstering the Amotekun Corps through improved training, equipment provision, and recruitment strategies tailored to local knowledge.

Additionally, it called for the integration of traditional rulers into the national security framework and advocated for the utilization of drones and technology to enhance surveillance efforts.

Furthermore, the summit emphasized the importance of judicial reform to ensure swift and appropriate punishment for offenders, as well as the need for collaborative efforts among Southwest governors to organize regional security summits. It highlighted the role of traditional rulers in upholding Yoruba cultural heritage and called for a return to traditional values and spiritual practices.

The summit concluded with a commitment to holding quarterly security summits to address emerging threats and maintain vigilance in safeguarding Yoruba territories.

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