Abia State Agrarian Community Installs Disabled Man as Monarch

HRH Eze Anthony Anyiam Ohaeri, a hearing and speech-impaired individual in a historic ceremony was coronated as the traditional ruler of Umuawa Alaocha Autonomous Community in Abia State. The event, attended by dignitaries from across the state, marked the first time a Person With Disability (PWD) assumed such a role in the region.

Endorsed unanimously by his community to succeed his late father, Eze G. U Ohaeri, he expressed overwhelming gratitude and pledged to fulfil his duties diligently.

Speaking through an interpreter, the newly crowned monarch emphasized his commitment to inclusive leadership and community development. Promising to initiate programs aimed at enhancing the standard of living in the agrarian community, he emphasised the importance of rural prosperity for overall socioeconomic growth. Additionally, he called for government support in infrastructural development, particularly road reconstruction, to bolster economic activities and improve the welfare of his people.

Acknowledging the significance of the moment, various stakeholders voiced confidence in the new monarch’s ability to lead effectively despite his impairment. They highlighted his past achievements, including a career as a computer specialist in the United States, and expressed optimism about his capacity to bring about positive change.

The ceremony also saw recognition for other deserving individuals, including PWDs, through chieftaincy awards, further underscoring a commitment to inclusivity and empowerment within the community.

Overall, the coronation of HRH Eze Anthony Anyiam Ohaeri represents a landmark moment in the community’s history, signalling a shift towards greater inclusivity and recognition of diverse leadership capabilities.

IMAGE: Vanguard

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