Benue State: Motorcycle Builder Johnson Reuben Noah, Shows the Need for FG,s Youth Focused Support

In light of recent national and global realities, it is unmissable that the development of every nation depends significantly on its youth population, as young people are usually drivers of innovation and economic growth.

When a nation fails to invest in its youth population, it is not preparing for its future. The lack of investment in young people and their aspirations contribute significantly to the mass migration of same badly needed demographics to foreign land.

The brain drain caused by this massive emigration leaves devastating implications for Nigeria’s economy, including the collapse of essential services, especially in the health and tech sectors.

While technological transfer, human capital development, and an upshoot of international remittances are potential benefits to this trend, the implication on overall development outweighs these perceived benefits.

There is an immense amount of talent in Nigeria, with ambitious projects just waiting to be put in motion to combat the pressing consequences of youth unemployment and underdevelopment .

These will inevitably require significant backing, notably in the form of public funding from the federal government. Nigerian youths are not lazy, as erroneously stated by the former president, contrary to that, they are in fact strong, determined and positive thinkers.

Just recently, a Nigerian youth from Benue State (Johnson Reuben Noah) built a motor bike from the scratch The young talented Innovator stated in an interview that he started as a motorcycle repair man some years ago. He said that he was driven by the determination to succeed hoping his talent would better his life and his family’s

According to him, he has built and redesigned so many motorcycles.

” I have built and redesigned a lot of motorcycles, I built one and sold it for 300,000 naira. I source my materials from condemned iron and other steel materials.

People bring their original built motorcycle for me to redesign for them. They have seen my designs and love them, so when they bring theirs, they choose the design they want and I design and build it for them”

However, he lamented that he needs investors to partner with him so that he can start producing in large quantity.

“The challenge I’m facing is that I don’t have investors partnering with me. If I can get investors, I will make up to one hundred million from my production, I appeal for assistance from government and good spirited individuals to support me, especially investors”.

The case of Johnson Reuben Noah, is one out of many who are talented, energetic, determined, and industrious but have no help from anyone.

Nigerian leaders sadly lack the ability to scout for these talents, scattered all over Nigeria with even many more residing outside Nigeria. Some of them have lost total confidence and hope in Nigeria. Our politicians prefer building white elephant projects which often have negligible impact on national development

Our leadership must wake up and take advantage of these talented manpower, to build Nigeria for sustainable development and national transformation. History and experience have shown that skilled and talented individuals tend to play a more active role in advancing the society compared to the unskilled ones. Economically skilled individuals stimulate industries and drive innovation, fostering a more robust and prosperous society.

IMAGE: Talent hunt

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