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Southern Kaduna Elders Want Gurara State Amids Tales of Genocide

A recent viral video showing Governor Nasir El-Rufai of Kaduna State, Nigeria, allegedly threatening foreign election observers has sparked controversy and concern from various groups. However, amidst the uproar, Southern Kaduna elders have called for the creation of a Gurara State.

The elders, under the aegis of the Southern Kaduna Peoples Union (SOKAPU), have argued that the creation of Gurara State would help to address the security challenges facing the region and promote development. According to them, the proposed state would comprise seven local government areas, namely Kachia, Kagarko, Kajuru, Chikun, Zangon Kataf, Jema’a, and Sanga.

The call for the creation of Gurara State is not new, as it has been a long-standing demand by the people of Southern Kaduna. The region has been plagued by insecurity, with frequent clashes between farmers and herders leading to loss of lives and property. The elders believe that the creation of a separate state would help to address some of the root causes of the conflict.

In addition to the security challenges, the elders also argue that the region has been marginalized in terms of development. They believe that the creation of Gurara State would help to attract more government attention and resources, leading to improved infrastructure and social services.

While the call for the creation of Gurara State has been welcomed by some, others have expressed skepticism. Some have argued that the demand for more states in Nigeria is driven by political considerations rather than genuine concerns for development and security. Others have pointed out that Nigeria already has 36 states and adding more would place a huge burden on the country’s resources.

However, the Southern Kaduna elders have stated that their demand for Gurara State is based on the need to address the unique challenges facing their region. They have called for dialogue and engagement with the government and other stakeholders to find a lasting solution to the insecurity and underdevelopment in the area.

The call for the creation of Gurara State by the Southern Kaduna elders highlights the need for Nigeria to address the security and development challenges facing its various regions. While there may be differing opinions on the merits and demerits of creating more states, it is important for all stakeholders to engage in constructive dialogue and find lasting solutions to the challenges facing the country.

Source: twitter/@LeadershipNGA

IMAGE: SkyNews

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