Oyo Traditional Worshippers Call for Recognition of Isese Festival as Public Holiday

  • Isese (the Yorùbá word for tradition) Day, celebrates the Yorùbá traditions and native religion in a display of culture and spirituality with festivities
  • It is believed to be practiced in Lagos, Osun, Ogun, Kwara, Ondo, Oyo, Edo, Ekiti and Kogi states

The Traditional Religion Worshippers Association (TRWA) in Oyo State has reiterated its request to Governor Seyi Makinde to acknowledge the Isese Festival as a public holiday, following a similar move in other Yoruba states.

The group expressed its appreciation to the Ogun State House of Assembly for passing legislation that recognizes the Isese Day as a holiday for traditional religious practitioners. The Association’s Secretary, Mr. Fakayode Fatunde, and Public Relations Officer, Mr. Taiwo Fagbohun, jointly issued a statement to this effect.

The Ogun Assembly had previously based their decision on preserving and promoting the state’s rich culture and traditions for future generations. They proposed that the Isese-Cultural Day should be observed annually on August 20 and declared a work-free day.

The statement from the TRWA highlighted the significance of the Ogun Assembly’s decision, lauding it as a non-discriminatory move that accepts all religious practitioners as societal members.

The statement read,

“The Nigerian constitution allows all citizens to practice their chosen religion, as long as it does not infringe on others’ freedoms. Regrettably, this freedom of choice has yet to fully flourish in Nigeria. However, we are grateful to Olodumare (God) that the Ogun Assembly, like the Osun State, has designated August 20 as the Isese Day holiday.”

The TRWA seized the opportunity to appeal to Governor Makinde to follow the steps of the Osun and Ogun States’ governments. They emphasized that such a move would be consistent with the governor’s track record of initiating positive changes. The TRWA anchored their request on their constitutional right to freely practice their religion as indiginous spiritulaity on the land. They expressed confidence in Governor Makinde’s ability to make the bold decision in their favor.

SOURCE: Thisdaylive

IMAGE: Citymirrornews

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