Prince Abdulmalik Uthman: Davido’s Adopted Son, Overcomes Challenges to Graduate from University

International singer, Davido, is overjoyed as his adopted son, Prince Abdulmalik Uthman, fondly known as Man Like Abdul, earns his university degree with honors.

Prince Uthman used his social media platform to share his joy and express gratitude for the completion of his academic journey, a journey he described as challenging. He also dedicated a touching message to his father in his celebratory post, while extending his thanks to his mother for her unwavering love and support.

Late Barack Obama DMW, a close friend of Davido and a member of his DMW crew, also served as Davido’s manager. His only child, Uthman, has now achieved a significant milestone under the care and guidance of Davido.

In many African societies, adoption is a deeply rooted practice that is largely driven by the communal and extended family systems. It is not uncommon for relatives or close family friends, like Davido in this instance, to step in and adopt a child when the biological parents are unable to provide for the child. This practice, which emphasizes the African belief in collective responsibility, ensures that every child receives love, care, and a chance at a better life.

The story of Davido adopting Prince Uthman and providing him with the support to complete his education is a testament to the power of this African tradition. It serves as an encouraging example of how adoption can provide opportunities for children to thrive and reach their full potential.

The act of adoption in African societies goes beyond providing shelter for the child; it involves wholeheartedly accepting the child as one’s own and providing emotional, social, and financial support, as Davido has done for Uthman. This story serves as a call to encourage more individuals and families in Africa and globally to consider adoption, not just as an act of kindness but as a means to transform lives and societies

SOURCE: Gist Lover

IMAGE: Momedia

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