ISESE: Traditionalists Urge Return to Ancient “Obaship” Selection Process amid Sacrilegious Killings

Traditionalists from the Ancient Religion Societies of African Descendants International Council (ARSADIC) have voiced concerns over the vulnerability of Yoruba monarchs, attributing it to their departure from traditional practices. Chief Ifagbenusola Atanda, President of ARSADIC, emphasized the erosion of genuine authority among traditional rulers, citing a shift towards monetary influences in the selection process.

This departure from ancient traditions, according to Atanda, undermines the sacredness and honor historically associated with Yoruba monarchs.

Expressing dismay at the recent spate of killings targeting Yoruba monarchs, Atanda lamented the degradation of the traditional institution and called for a return to the authentic methods of selecting and grooming monarchs. He highlighted the sacred significance of the Oba title within Yoruba culture, stressing the importance of aligning with Isese traditions for the monarchs to wield rightful authority and respect.

ARSADIC urged for collective introspection to address the root causes of the crisis, emphasizing the need for a renewed commitment to cultural heritage and traditional values. They underscored the vital role of Isese in grooming and empowering monarchs, advocating for a reevaluation of the current system to safeguard the dignity and sanctity of the Yoruba traditional institution.

The traditionalists urged both the people and the government to collaborate in restoring the reverence and integrity of Yoruba monarchs. They emphasized that embracing Isese traditions and scrutinizing prospective candidates for the throne are essential steps towards preserving the rich cultural legacy and preventing further indignities suffered by Yoruba royal fathers.

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