Ogun State: Egba Monarch moves to Protect Native Adire Industry as Chinese Knockoffs Saturate, Endanger Indigenous Economy

In response to the escalating influx of Chinese-made Adire fabrics in the prominent markets of Itoku and Asero in Abeokuta, the Alake and Paramount Ruler of Egbaland, Oba Adedotun Gbadebo, took decisive action on Tuesday.

Concerned about the adverse impact of these imported textiles on the local Adire industry, the monarch initiated the formation of a committee during an inauguration ceremony at the Ake Palace.

Emphasizing the economic repercussions, Oba Gbadebo articulated that the rising prevalence of Chinese Adire posed a significant threat to the indigenous fabric’s market presence. He underscored the committee’s crucial role in investigating the origins of the adulterated Adire fabric and curbing its entry into the Itoku and Asero Abeokuta market.

Highlighting the consequential unemployment among local Adire producers, the monarch expressed his commitment to addressing the issue promptly. He asserted that safeguarding the integrity of Egbaland’s name and preserving the quality of indigenous Adire were paramount objectives of the committee.

“This committee is established to confront the influx of counterfeit (Chinese) Adire in the state capital’s markets. We cannot permit infiltration, and the reputation of Egba must remain untarnished,” declared Oba Gbadebo. He reaffirmed the historical significance of Adire in Itoku and stressed the necessity of stringent quality control measures in its production.

Promising his active involvement, the Paramount Ruler pledged to contribute to sustaining the Adire business, thereby bolstering the economy of both the state and Nigeria at large. Among the committee members, the Giwa Obinrin of Egbaland, Hajia Modinat Adegbite, acknowledged the detrimental impact of Chinese-adulterated Adire on local producers.

Commending the Alake’s prompt response through the committee, Hajia Modinat Adegbite expressed concern over the challenge of distinguishing fake Adire from the authentic local product. She reiterated the committee’s determination to address and overcome these challenges.

She emphasized the cultural and economic significance of preserving the legacy built by their forefathers in the production of Adire.

IMAGE: Annepatton

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