Nigerians are World’s Smartest People- AKON

Famed Senegalese artist, Akon, has lauded Nigerians as the brightest individuals globally. The music icon made this revelation during a program hosted by NORE and DJ EFN, where he also expressed the belief that Nigeria is home to more billionaires than any other country in the world.

The “Go Africa” singer was passionate in his endorsement, stating, “This could be a matter of debate, but Nigerians are the keenest people on earth. I can assure you, no one is more intelligent than a Nigerian.”

Nevertheless, Akon did not shy away from addressing the negative stereotypes associated with the country. He reasoned that while Nigerians are inherently intelligent, a few “bad apples” have tarnished the nation’s image.

“The unfortunate few who have strayed are incredibly intelligent, but they have misapplied their intelligence,” he observed. He expressed the sentiment that if these individuals focused their intellect towards more constructive pursuits, the country would benefit greatly.

He added, “Because the ones that have channeled their intelligence positively have created a reality where more billionaires are being made in Nigeria than anywhere else in the world.”

Akon, renowned for his profound appreciation for African culture and potential, continues to champion the strengths and abilities inherent in the continent at every opportunity.

SOURCE: Guardian Life

IMAGE: GhanaCelebrities

VIDEO: TikTok:@changethegametv

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