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Jungle Justice: Jigawa Youths Execute Alleged Livestock Thief

In a recent incident in the Babura Local Government area of Jigawa State, a 50-year-old man accused of cattle rustling, Yahaya Adamu, was killed by an irate mob of local youths. The event took place on Tuesday when a group of alleged cattle rustlers reportedly descended on Unguwan Toro village, stealing livestock and rousing the village’s anger.

A local resident informed news agents about the incident, stating that the young men of the village organized themselves and followed the thieves’ tracks, which eventually led them to the accused perpetrators.

The state police command’s spokesperson, Lawan Shiisu Adam, confirmed the occurrence. He stated, “On August 16, 2023, around 1100 hrs, we received a report that livestock thieves had targeted the homestead of Hardo Musa, a 60-year-old resident of Unguwar Toro village, making off with an unspecified number of his sheep.”

According to Shiisu, the local community members rallied together and were successful in tracing the thieves’ footprints. They found the stolen sheep in the company of the alleged thieves. During the confrontation, Yahaya Adamu was severely injured by the mob.

Police from the Babura division, upon receiving the news, promptly arrived at the scene and transported the critically injured Adamu to the General Hospital in Babura. Unfortunately, he succumbed to his injuries while undergoing treatment on Monday.

Shiisu also mentioned that three more individuals, Kabiru Muazu, Hardo Musa, and Saidu Wanzam, were apprehended in relation to the crime. After the completion of the investigation, the suspects will be presented in court.

SOURCE: DailyPost

IMAGE: The Street Journal

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