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Criminals within Nigeria Flex Muscle as Helpless Niger State Communities Cede Control to Terrorist Leader Dogo Gede

Eight communities in the Shiroro local government area of Niger State have reportedly conceded to the authority of criminal Dogo Gede, following the terrorists successful takedown of a military helicopter. The communities in question are Kusasu, Kwaki, Chukuba, Gulana, Apai, Nakuna, Yanka, and Kurebe which have been under the control of said terrorists for several years.

In the aftermath of the military helicopter disaster, approximately 1,000 residents across these communities reportedly provided food supplies to celebrate with the terrorist group. Disturbingly, they have begun referring to Dogo Gede as their “Governor”

This development came in the wake of perceived inaction of federal authorities against the terrorist group’s activities. The communities’ resignation to Dogo Gede’s rule was further compounded by the recent announcement from the state governor, Rt. Hon. Umar Mohammed Bago, stating his consideration for dialogue with the terrorist, which deviated from his previous stance.

According to our informant, the communities are considering bestowing a royal title upon Dogo Gede. This decision is fueled by their disillusionment with the state’s leadership, which they feel has left them helpless against the attacks of the invading terrorists. In this context, some community members have taken on the role of intermediaries between their communities and the terrorist group.

Furthermore, the terrorist group led by Dogo Gede and the criminal Boko Haram sect have reportedly divided territories among themselves to prevent future clashes. The Chairman of Shiroro local government Council, Hon. Akilu Isyaku Kuta, confirmed that the Boko Haram sect has established their presence in Angwar Madaki.

As this criminality goes on with impunity within Nigeria, observers are questioning what those who have been elected into governance are waiting on before mobilizing effectively to dig into the root of the matter for a more effective counter approach


IMAGE: The Street Journal

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