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Ibom Developers Champion Health Provisions in Akwa Ibom Communities

In pursuit of holistic well-being and community prosperity, Ibom Developers has taken proactive measures to bolster access to quality healthcare in Akwa Ibom state. Through a series of impactful medical outreach programs, the firm has made significant contributions to the health and vitality of local communities.

In a recent two-day medical drive held on November 24 and 25, 2023, Ibom Developers extended its commitment to providing accessible, high-quality healthcare. This initiative specifically targeted the residents of Amazaba and Isiotoyo Community in Eastern Obolo LGA, as well as Ikot Akpan Udo Community in Ikot Abasi LGA, reaching out to a total of 1200 individuals, including women, children, and men.

The presence of community leaders and key figures, such as His Royal Highness Chief Gogonte Luke Nglass, Chief Oscar Abel Paul, Elder John Obotowo, Comrade Godwin Benson, Mr. EtongAwaji Christopher John, and Mr. Aja Francis, reflected the collaborative spirit of the event.

These leaders recognized the intrinsic connection between health and a fulfilling life, emphasizing the foundational role of well-being in fostering individual and community productivity.

Chief Oscar Abel Paul, the Village Head of Ikot Akpan Udo Community, eloquently expressed, “The foundation of a good life is health. A healthy life brings joy and enhances the productivity of an individual that consequently promotes the overall well-being of the communities.”

Acknowledging the transformative impact of such outreach initiatives, Mr. EtongAwaji Christopher John, Chief Liaison Officer of Amazaba and Isiotoyo Community, conveyed gratitude, stating, “We are immensely thankful to Ibom Developers for this impactful outreach. It has empowered us to offer mutual support to one another and to improve our collective health.”

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