Air Peace: Outcry Over Extortionist Flight Charges to Eastern Nigeria

In a surge of dissatisfaction, customers have voiced their discontent with the seemingly exorbitant flight prices offered by Air Peace. The spotlight was brought onto the issue when a concerned customer simply identified as Ogochukwu, with X Username@Sirpeeworld took to social media to inquire about the rationale behind the substantial price difference for flights of varying durations.

Ogochukwu’s query, directed at Air Peace via X, formerly Twitter, highlighted a stark contrast in pricing between a short 45-minute flight from Lagos to Owerri, priced at a staggering 266,000 Naira, and a longer 2-hour journey from Lagos to Maiduguri, which was listed at 160,000 Naira.

“Dear @flyairpeace, how come a 45-minute flight from Lagos to Owerri be 266k while a 2-hour flight from Lagos to Maiduguri is 160k? What is the problem, Are there many checking point in the air to settle?” Ogochukwu expressed on the social media platform.

Air Peace: Outcry Over Exorbitant Flight Prices

This inquiry has ignited a wave of similar sentiments among other customers, with many questioning the transparency and fairness in Air Peace’s pricing structure. The airline, known for its commitment to providing affordable and accessible air travel, now finds itself under scrutiny as customers seek clarification on the significant pricing disparities.

“Wow i thought you were lying when you said the price was over 200k i just checked myself and i am shocked!! Nigeria is finished under this thief” another user, @doctorspicey replied.

Air Peace: Outcry Over Exorbitant Flight Prices

Air Peace has yet to respond to Ogochukwu’s inquiry, leaving customers eagerly awaiting an explanation for the perceived inconsistencies. As the airline faces growing pressure to address these concerns, it remains to be seen how they will navigate this public relations challenge and reassure their customer base about the fairness of their pricing strategies.


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