Anambra Governor Dissolves State’s Traditional Rulers Council, cites Poor Protocol

Anambra State Governor, Charles Soludo, has dissolved the Anambra Traditional Rulers Council, citing violations of the law in its composition. The governor made the announcement during a meeting with 94 traditional rulers, addressing the controversy surrounding the suspension of a traditional ruler for conferring a chieftaincy title on a senator.

Soludo also queried two other monarchs for similar offenses but later reinstated the suspended ruler and pardoned the others. The governor revealed that the current council, comprising 52 members, violates the law’s provision of a maximum of 36 members. He proposed that all traditional rulers in the state become council members, subject to the amendment of relevant sections of the law.

The dissolution is rooted in the observation that the Anambra State Traditional Rulers Council, as constituted, is unrecognized by law due to improper formation. The law mandates a council composed of a chairperson, two deputy chairpersons, and one member from each of the 21 local government areas, appointed by the governor.

However, the current composition exceeds this limit, rendering it legally incapacitated. Furthermore, it was noted that many members have exceeded the eight-year term limit, violating the Traditional Rulers Law of 2007 and 2020. To rectify this, Soludo proposed that all traditional rulers in the state should be council members, pending amendments to the law.

The governor’s spokesperson, Christian Aburime, emphasized that the suggested amendments would be considered by a committee consisting of five traditional rulers and government officers. Once the law is amended, a formal inauguration meeting of the council will be convened to ensure strict compliance with the law.

The move comes in response to criticism from the Traditional Rulers Council and other groups, accusing Governor Soludo of disrespecting and maltreating traditional institutions in the state.

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