22 Years after Nigeria Won the Miss World Pageant, Governance Remains a Struggle

agbani darego miss world 2001

The explosive joy felt by Nigerians across the globe, after then 18-years old Agbani Darego was crowned winner of the 2001 Miss World Pageant, remains a beautiful memory many hold to heart.

No sooner did Agbani showcased the most glorious essence of Nigeria for the world to admire, than the arabised sector of northern Nigeria began its macabre dance of shame, humiliating the global African collective by staging protests condenming the Miss World Pageant as, an affront to the tenets of the Arab religion.

To this very day, the Nigerian South and Middle Belt tribes, who total over 160 million, are yet to form a united front to remind the world, in bold terms, that their nation, is solely an African space, unconnected to the Arab world.

Author: Ekaete

IMAGE: Online, Agbani Darego

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