2023 Presidential Election Rigged for Tinubu, Peter Obi won Rivers State by Landslide- Chijioke Ihunwo

Chijioke Ihunwo, a prominent figure within the National Youth Council of Nigeria, has recently come forward with allegations of electoral malpractice during the 2023 presidential election in Rivers State. Ihunwo contends that the landslide victory of the Labour Party in the state was manipulated through the falsification of election results, ultimately favoring the APC.

The controversy reached its pinnacle when the National Independent Electoral Commission (INEC) declared Bola Ahmed Tinubu of the APC as the victor on February 25, 2023. This proclamation stirred widespread skepticism, prompting many to label this election as one of the most fraudulent in the nation’s political history.

During a public function, captured in a video clip shared by @aai_austin on the X platform, Ihunwo addressed the audience, urging them to remain calm amidst the escalating crisis between the state governor, Siminialayi Fubara, and the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Minister, Nyesome Wike. In the video, Ihunwo boldly asserted, “The election, na we write the results. The election is for the Labour Party. We no dey fear anybody.”

These revelations have intensified concerns surrounding the integrity of the electoral process, raising questions about the transparency and fairness of the 2023 presidential election in Rivers State.

IMAGE: Igbere tv

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