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Horror in Abia State as Beheaded Bodies, Human Skeletons are Discovered in Unmonitored Cattle Market!

  • Suspicions of organ harvesting in the unmonitored cattle markets is long being held by locals there.
  • The arab religion is used as shield and tool, for creating an unmonitored insular community.
  • The cattle sellers refuse to live amongst their host, use same abattoir as living abode, shielding deadly criminals within.

Abia State Government has discovered over 50 decomposed dead bodies, over 20 headless bodies, and countless human skeletons all around Lokpanta Cattle Market in Umunneochi LGA of the State.

Governor Alex Otti disclosed that intelligence gathered on kidnapping incidents indicated that ransoms paid for victims were consistently dropped off near the Umuchieze Cattle Market in Lokpanta of Umunneochi Local Government Area (LGA).

This discovery came to light after the installation of electronic equipment across various parts of the state. Governor Otti shared this information during a monthly media briefing at the Government House, Umuahia. He revealed that upon investigation, authorities found a disturbing scene near the cattle market, where over 80 dead bodies were discovered within 48 hours.

Among the grim findings were 20 headless decomposing bodies, including adults and children, along with numerous skeletons of individuals who had been killed and left to decompose in the vicinity.

The Governor expressed the state government’s unwavering commitment to eradicate all forms of crime in Abia, emphasizing that no government can succeed in the face of insecurity. He firmly stated that the government would not tolerate or support any form of insecurity.

The governor highlighted that the Umuchieze Cattle Market was a hub for various criminal activities, such as gun running, prostitution, narcotics trade, and heavy substance abuse. To address this issue, the state government took decisive action by transforming the cattle market into a general market.

Measures taken to secure the market included fencing it off and imposing regulations, making it a non-residential daily market operating from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Importantly, the market would no longer exclusively cater to cattle trading but would also feature the sale of various other items.

As at presstime, the governor did not disclose if any plans have been put in place to track and unmask the dangerous criminals behind these horror, plus an intensive medical procedure to identify the murdered victims with a view to reaching the traumatized familes

IMAGE: Nation news

VIDEO: YouTube

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