Foreign Religion, Bane of Nigeria’s Societal Challenges – Rabbai Ugochukwu

NIGERIA is a multi-ethnic and culturally diverse federation, which consists of 36 autonomous states and the Federal Capital Territory. Apart from this indispensable fact, it is also religiously diverse,

As rightly said by Jonathan Swift:

“We have just enough religion to make us hate, but not enough to make us love one another”; such exactly is the case in Nigeria. Religion that is supposed to keep people together in love has turned into a cord of enmity leading to irresolvable differences amongst the already disjointed tribal groups. (Swift 2010-34).

One man who believes so much in the above postulation is a religious leader in Nigeria; Rabbai Chukwunwike Ugochukwu. As a scripture teacher from the City of Messianic Kingdom of Yahweh Ministry, Rabbai Ugochukwu holds the belief that excessive religiousity is the root cause of conflicts and friction in Nigerian society.

During a media address in Enugu on Thursday, Ugochukwu emphasized that instead of fostering spirituality, the society is filled with individuals who adhere to religious practices, resulting in widespread hatred, conflicts, and multilayered misfortunes.

He further explained, “The purpose of our ministry is to reveal the truth to the world. Many of us identify as religious, but lack true spirituality.

Messianics help people develop genuine spirituality by encouraging them to read between the lines and transcend the boundaries of religious sects. It is not just about belonging to a particular congregation or sect. It’s about how you relate to your neighbors, society, and how you offer assistance to those in need. There is so much suffering around us – people are desperate and hungry. How do you contribute to making things better?”

He went further to say, “Let go of the idea of being a member of a religious sect. I won’t mention any specific names. Instead, ask yourself: how do you interact with people from other sects?”

Ugochukwu strongly believes that hypocrisy is decicful. He highlighted the peaceful interactions within the Messianic community as evidence of their inherent spirituality.

Explaining the significance of the upcoming New Year celebration for Messianics, he stated that many facts in the scripture have been distorted over time. He added, “Messianics exist worldwide. We believe that Y’shua is the king of the world, and we are committed to proclaiming the truth. We are not religious.

“People often modify things to suit their own ministries, but we adhere to the original teachings of the King of the Universe, Y’shua, and his father, Yahweh.”

Ugochukwu also discussed the difference between the Jewish calendar and the typical Gregorian calendar. He shared, “By the Jewish calendar, we are celebrating the New Year, not following the regular calendar we currently use (2023).

“We follow the Jewish calendar, which dates back to the creation of the world. We are about to enter the new year, 5784.

“If you compare it to the Gregorian calendar, you will see that the normal calendar is 3761 years ahead of the Gregorian calendar. We all know how the Gregorian calendar was introduced in Rome.”

He concluded his address by urging society members to prioritize spirituality over religious dogma and live in harmony with their neighbors. He emphasized that Y’shua has come to assist his people, but they have a responsibility to work for six days and rest on the seventh day. Ugochukwu stressed that every individual would receive the consequences of their actions.

SOURCE: News Now Nigeria

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