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Arab Religion Cleric, Sheikh Gumi, Throws Hateful Outbursts at Southern Nigerians as Calls Heighten for his Arrest!

In recent statements, Sheikh Abubakar Gumi, a controversial Arab religion cleric in Nigeria, has sparked controversy by expressing disturbing outrage over the push for political power in the country. He stated that Southerners are unfit to handle power for the good and safety of all Nigerians, citing incidents where he claims Southerners were responsible for the killing of northern leaders and people.

Gumi condemned the hosting of the Israeli Ambassador in Nigeria by Mr. Nyesom Wike, Minister of FCT, during the war in Gaza, considering it a betrayal of the Arab religion adherents of northern Nigeria

Gumi, son of the infamous Sheikh Abubakar Gumi, has a history of making divisive remarks, drawing attention to alleged Southern involvement in so called past political assassinations and coups in Nigeria.

He accused the Christian South of being behind the assassination of General Murtala Mohammed and an abortive coup against General Babangida. Gumi’s statements have been widely criticized as incendiary and dangerous, with calls for the Nigerian government to take decisive action against him.

Despite his controversial remarks, shockingly, Gumi has faced little consequence for his inflammatory statements, leading to concerns among Nigerians about his unchecked influence and the potential for further discord.

Critics argue that he should be held accountable for his divisive rhetoric and incendiary mindset to maintain peace and harmony among Nigeria’s diverse ethnic and religious groups.


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