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Bakassi Peninsula Flashback: Urgent Action Required to Protect Cross River State Territory from Cameroon, Warns House Committee

The Ad hoc Committee on the Nigeria-Cameroon International Boundary Dispute, established by the House of Representatives, has urged immediate measures to prevent further territorial losses to Cameroon. The warning follows concerns over the potential loss of Danare and Biajua communities as well as a significant land area in the Boki locale of Cross River State, akin to the previous Bakassi Peninsula incident.

A recent motion presented by Hon Victor Abang, supported by eight of ten Cross River State representatives, raised concerns about the potential loss of 7,000 to 10,000 hectares of land. They attributed this risk to the absence of pillar 113A by the technical committee of the Cameroon-Nigeria Mixed Commission.

In response, the House formed the Ad hoc Committee to investigate the potential land encroachment by Cameroon, understand its security implications, and clarify the technical aspects needed to resolve the dispute.

Addressing the media on Thursday, Beni Lar, the Chairperson of the Ad hoc Committee, expressed concerns about the potential loss of a substantial land area and Nigerian citizens within it to Cameroon. She emphasized the urgent need for defining the accurate border line between the two nations and preventing the loss of more Nigerian territories.

Lar called upon all relevant parties to expedite the resolution of the dispute to protect Nigeria’s territorial sovereignty and the welfare of its citizens. She lauded the efforts of the Office of the National Security Adviser, National Boundary Commission, Office of the Surveyor General, Office of the Attorney General, The Nigerian Armed Forces, Ministry of Niger Delta Affairs, and the Governor of Cross River State for their continuous dedication to the dispute.

She further urged all national and international stakeholders to support and facilitate a peaceful resolution process. She stressed the importance of dialogue, negotiation, and cooperation in achieving a fair and just solution that respects historical, cultural, and social ties, and protects the rights of Nigerian citizens.

Lar also reassured the Nigerian citizens, civil society organizations, and stakeholders to remain composed and patient, trusting the dedicated entities to safeguard the nation’s territorial integrity. She expressed the committee’s commitment to a peaceful resolution, guided by international law, justice, fairness, and equity principles. She further expressed confidence that with collective efforts and media support, a lasting resolution that secures Nigeria’s land and its citizens’ welfare can be achieved.

SOURCE: The Authority

IMAGE: MegaIcon Magazine

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