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Zamfara State: Ex Governor Matawalle Accused of Providing Asylum, Hilux Vehicles to alleged Fulani Terrorists

Abdulmalik Gajam, the Zamfara State Commissioner for Budget and Planning, has alleged that former governor Bello Matawalle purchased Hilux vehicles for bandits and even granted them asylum within the state.

Gajam made these claims during an interview with Arewa Twitter, expressing deep concern over the unprecedented actions of the former leader. According to Gajam, never before in the history of the state has a leader provided asylum to individuals who have committed heinous crimes, such as killing and raping innocent people without hesitation.

The commissioner went on to criticize Matawalle further, stating that the former governor neglected the vehicles provided by the Federal Government for his administration. These vehicles, including bulletproof tankers, were meant to enhance the state’s security apparatus. However, upon assuming office, Gajam revealed that they found these vehicles in a dilapidated state, with flat tires indicating a lack of proper maintenance.

Gajam emphasized the gravity of the situation, highlighting the audacity of granting asylum to individuals involved in such criminal activities. He questioned the morality of allowing these bandits to sit at the same tables as law-abiding citizens, considering their involvement in kidnapping for ransom, murder, and sexual assault.

Additionally, Gajam contrasted the previous administration’s negligence with the current government’s approach. He emphasized the commitment of the present administration to pay the police and army their earned allowances and ensure the proper servicing of their vehicles. This proactive measure aims to enhance the security infrastructure and protect the people of Zamfara State from further harm.

“The legacy that the past governor left is that he bought Hilux vehicles and dashed them to bandits. We have evidence. He granted asylum at the Government House to bandits. Even in the barbaric era, there has never been a time when an emir or a king granted asylum to somebody who killed other people without hesitation, kidnapped them for ransom, and raped their girls. Are these people to sit on the tables with?

“When Matawalle came to office, the Federal Government bought some vehicles and gave them to the state. Most of them were bulletproof tankers. When we came into the office, we met them with flat tyres. This means they were not serviced at all. But, all these were provided for and removed from  Zamfara state purse. It is in our government that we have said we would pay the police and army their earned allowances and service their vehicles so we would be able to protect our people. That was what we met, he said.


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