Yoruba Fulani Politicking and the Middle Belt Genocide: Navigating the Landmine of Regional Politics in Nigeria

  • The Awujale of Ijebuland, Oba Sikiru Adetona installs former Kaduna state Governor, El-Rufai as Gbobaniyi of Ijebu Land, as native tribes in the South and Middle Belt begin to wonder if Yoruba leaders understand how genocide gets enabled

In recent events, the political landscape in Nigeria, particularly in the Middle Belt region, has been marked by concerns over the perceived imperialistic posture of the Fulanis. The endorsement and installation of El-Rufai as Gbobaniyi of Ijebu Land by an Ogun monarch has raised eyebrows, prompting reflections on the motives behind such actions.

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Yoruba leaders extending support to Fulani figures in their pursuit of power can be viewed as a strategic move, potentially driven by political alliances or considerations. While this may have short-term benefits for the Yoruba leaders involved, it raises questions about the broader consequences for other native tribes in Southern Nigeria, the Middle Belt and beyond.

Granting political licenses to Fulanis, who are foreigners in Nigeria, has the potential to exacerbate existing tensions among diverse ethnic groups. This trend may inadvertently contribute to a sense of marginalization among non-Fulani communities, leading to social, economic, and political disparities.

The repercussions of such political maneuvers can be far-reaching, impacting the delicate balance of power and inter-ethnic relationships. It is crucial for leaders to consider the potential long-term consequences of their decisions, prioritizing unity and inclusivity over short-term political gains.

In navigating the complex socio-political landscape of Nigeria, it becomes imperative for leaders to foster a sense of national cohesion and understanding among diverse ethnic groups. Emphasizing dialogue and collaboration can pave the way for a more inclusive political environment, where the interests of all communities are acknowledged and respected.

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