Rivers State: Woji Monarch assures Ogonis of Safety, Hospitality, Regardless of Tragic Incident, Inter Tribal Mistakes

In response to the recent turmoil in Woji Town, Rivers State, the Paramount Ruler, Eze Emeka Ihunwo, clarified that the community did not request the departure of Ogoni people residing in the town. The unrest stemmed from the tragic death of Kenneth Eke, a Woji Town youth, who was reported to the police by his Ogoni tenant following a disagreement, leading to a fatal encounter with the authorities.

During a condolence visit from a 15-member delegation of Ogoni leaders, led by Mene Suanu Baridam, acting Chairman of the Supreme Council of Traditional Rulers of Ogoni, Eze Ihunwo recounted the events surrounding Eke’s demise. He emphasized that reporting a matter to the police should not inherently be considered wrong, except for the unfortunate outcome in this case.

The Woji monarch clarified that the community, known for its peace-loving nature, did not endorse the expulsion of Ogoni or any other ethnic group. Despite mourning Eke’s untimely death, he assured that the culprits were in police custody, advocating for justice to prevail.

Woji community, with the cooperation of law enforcement, has restored order, allowing residents to resume their lawful activities.

Nyenwe-Eli Woji expressed gratitude on behalf of the community for the Ogoni delegation’s visit and concern, assuring them of the safety of Ogonis and other residents. King Baridam, in his address, pleaded for peace in the community and the security of Ogonis during ongoing investigations. This appeal was prompted by rumors suggesting that Ogonis were asked to leave due to the unfortunate incident.

The delegation, comprising prominent figures such as Mene-Bua-Sogho, Prince Biira, Chief Derek Mene, and others, underscored the necessity of the visit to commiserate on the loss of a community member.

Their collective plea for peace and security underscored the importance of maintaining harmony while awaiting the outcome of official investigations.

IMAGE: The Tide News

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