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Why Traditionalists Wanted May 29 Swearing-in Done With Indigenous Deity

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The recent Presidencial swearing-in ceremony which to took place on May 29, 2023, drew a lot of attention from the media and the public alike. The reason for this was because some Traditionalists, who are adherents of traditional African religions, wanted the ceremony conducted with the involvement of indigenous deities

This demand by Traditionalists was not new, as it had been made in previous presidential inaugurations in Nigeria. The Traditionalists argued that the use of a native deity was important in order to invoke the blessings of the ancestors and the spirits of the land upon the new government.

For the Traditionalists, the use of a native deity was seen as a way of affirming the cultural heritage and identity of Nigeria. They saw the swearing-in ceremony as an important national event that should reflect the diversity of the country’s religious beliefs and practices.

However, the demand by the indigenous Traditionalists was met with resistance from Nigerian converts of the European and arab fiaths aka Abrahamic religions. They argued that the use of an indigenous deity was pagan and ungodly, and should not be allowed in a secular state like Nigeria.

Despite the opposition, the Traditionalists persisted in their demand, and eventually, a compromise was reached. The Traditionalists were allowed to perform a private ceremony with the native deity, while the official swearing-in ceremony was conducted without the deity.

The compromise was seen as a victory for the Traditionalists, as it showed that their voices had been heard and their beliefs respected. It also highlighted the need for Nigeria to embrace its cultural diversity and promote religious tolerance.

The demand by Traditionalists to include a native deity in the swearing-in ceremony of Nigeria’s President-elect was a reflection of their desire to affirm the cultural heritage and identity of the country. While their demand was met with opposition, a compromise was eventually reached, which showed that Nigeria can embrace its cultural diversity and promote religious tolerance.


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