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Terrorists Extort Nigeria’s North-West Farmers of N140m in Four Years – Reports

The report from SBM Intelligence reveals that farmers in Nigeria’s North-West region have paid approximately N139.5 million in levies to bandits over the past four years. This taxation, imposed before farmers can access their farmlands, exacerbates food insecurity and economic challenges in the country. Banditry and armed attacks have significantly disrupted livelihoods and essential services distribution across the region, particularly in states like Kaduna, Katsina, Zamfara, and parts of Jigawa.

The decade-long security crises in Nigeria, including Boko Haram insurgency in the North and conflicts between herders and farmers in the north-central region, have hindered economic growth, particularly in the agriculture sector. Nigeria’s ranking among the top 20 least peaceful countries in the world underscores the severity of the situation. The continuous terror attacks have led to a surge in food prices and a decline in agricultural productivity, contributing to the country’s economic slowdown and rising inflation rates.

Data from the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) indicates a persistent increase in headline and food inflation rates, further straining the economy. Last year, Nigeria experienced its slowest GDP growth in three years, with the agricultural sector, a vital contributor to the GDP, also slowing down. Communities such as Kidandan, Galadimawa Kerawa, Sabon Layi, Sabon Birni, and Ruma in Kaduna have been significantly impacted, with farmers reporting substantial payments to bandits for permission to farm, further deepening the financial burden on agricultural activities.

While efforts to stabilize volatile areas, support victims, and resettle the displaced are underway, prioritizing solutions to mitigate the impact of banditry on agriculture is crucial. Immediate action is required to alleviate the plight of farmers, ensure food security, and stimulate economic growth in Nigeria’s affected regions.


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