Taraba State: Tribal Stool under Threat as Kuteb Yatso Urges Swift Intervention amid Terrorists Invasion Crisis

  • The Middle Belt of Nigeria has hugh mineral deposits, and it’s targeted by sinister criminal mercenaries
  • Numerous unconfirmed reports of government collusion with supposed expatriates using terrorists to create unrest, displacing communities with the sole aim of stealing land and resources
  • The indigenous monarchical stool, Ukwe Takum, is targeted with covert aim of erasing native identity for eventual landgrab and displacement

The Kuteb Yatso of Nigeria (KYN) has issued an urgent appeal to the Taraba State government and security forces, urging swift action to reclaim communities currently under the control of bandits. Following recent brutal killings in the Yangtu Development Area, the KYN, led by National President Emmanuel Ukwen, raised an alarm about the alarming rate at which bandits are asserting dominance in specific regions of the state.

Expressing deep concern, Ukwen stated, “It is no longer a secret that some of our local communities have been taken over by mercenaries who continue to occupy our homes, churches, and school buildings.” The group called on the state government, police force, DSS, and other security operatives to reinforce efforts and expedite actions to reclaim the land, emphasizing the necessity of restoring peace in the affected areas.

Highlighting the ripple effect of the unrest, the KYN asserted that the region’s destabilization has created an environment conducive to criminal activities, leading to a surge in banditry, kidnappings, robberies, rapes, and other heinous acts.

Additionally, they pointed to the unoccupied Ukwe Takum stool as a contributing factor, claiming that this vacuum has allowed various criminal groups to thrive in the state.

Expressing concern about a potential deviation from established customs and traditions, the KYN urged Governor Dr. Agbu Kefas to carefully study the history of the Ukwe Takum stool. Emphasizing that the stool cannot be rotated, shared, or relinquished to any person or tribe other than as prescribed by Kuteb customs.

They called on the governor to prioritize the appointment of Ukwe Takum by Kuteb Native and Customs before proceeding with any upgrades to newly created chiefdoms in the region.

Acknowledging the challenges faced by the governor, the KYN recognized the pressures from various quarters and urged him to remain steadfast and focused. They issued a warning that allowing distractions could further complicate the already volatile situation.

Concerned about local communities falling into the hands of mercenaries, the group stressed the imperative need for urgent and decisive action to address the escalating crisis and protect the affected communities.

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