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Southern Kaduna: Amidst Jihadists Hell, SOKAPU Urges New Governor Rectify Predecessor’s Biases

The Southern Kaduna Peoples Union (SOKAPU) has made a public appeal to Governor Uba Sani, urging him to rectify what they describe as injustices committed against the people of Southern Kaduna during the administration of the previous governor, Nasir el-Rufai.

The group’s spokesperson, Luka Binniyat, expressed hope in a recent phone interview that Governor Sani would depart from the alleged discriminatory practices of the former governor and implement policies that respect and include all segments of the state’s population.

Biniyat further stressed the importance of security, appealing to Governor Sani to prioritize the protection of the state’s inhabitants and their properties. While Binniyat acknowledged that the new governor’s appointments so far have not been entirely satisfactory, he noted that they have been more equitable than those made by el-Rufai.

Binniyat also responded to the reappointment of the Secretary to the State Government (SSG), who served under el-Rufai, stating that the decision was made after a strong plea and that the SSG is likely serving in an acting capacity.

The SOKAPU spokesperson took the opportunity to encourage Governor Sani to ensure fairness in future appointments, particularly at the ministerial and federal level, as well as on boards and commissions.

Binniyat dismissed the notion that the people of Southern Kaduna are opposed to a Muslim governor, clarifying that they are against leaders who do not treat them as equals. He criticized el-Rufai for allegedly admitting to being a bigot and a sectional leader.

The spokesperson accused el-Rufai of establishing “municipal councils” as a fourth level of government and of using a $350 million loan predominantly for these councils. He claimed that Christian areas were neglected in terms of infrastructure development, citing the condition of roads, drainages, and lighting in these regions.

Binniyat concluded by urging Governor Sani to address these alleged imbalances and injustices, stating that it is now his turn to bring justice to the Southern Kaduna people.


SOURCE: This Daylive

IMAGE: Daily Post

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