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Power-drunk Soldier Threatens Selfless Edo-born Influencer, “VeryDarkMan” as Calls Intensifies for Military’s Ethno-religious Composition Scrutiny

  • Stark imbalance in Nigeria’s military recruitment numbers between states, plus ethno-religious background, adds another alarming layer of concern

In a shocking video that recently surfaced online, a Nigerian soldier, name unknown, is seen threatening an Edo-born online influencer and activist, Martin Vincent Otse, popularly known by the moniker, “Verydarkman”.

The soldier ominously declares his intention to “deal with verydarkman” within three days, raising serious concerns about the conduct and professionalism of Nigeria’s military personnels.

The incident highlights a disturbing trend where individuals entrusted with safeguarding the nation are engaging in alarming behaviour that contradicts their duty to protect civilians. Military personnels are meant to be subordinate to civilian authority and operate at the behest of elected leaders.

The soldier publicly making such unacceptable threats, raises questions about disciplinary measures within the Nigerian armed forces amongst other suspicious motives that clearly feeds into the observable arrogance.

The sense of superiority displayed is noteworthy to highlight when considering the historical relationship between the Nigerian Christian south, and the Arab religion adherents of the north who today, now seem to outnumber southerners in the military

The soldier’s audacious threat prompts a crucial examination of the factors contributing to such behavior within the military ranks. One glaring issue is the alarming increase in the presence of individuals who may not be native to Nigeria and who potentially harbour clandestine agendas contrary to the interests of Nigerian natives. Reports suggest a rise in recruitment with ties to a specific religious agenda, creating a volatile situation within the military.

Furthermore, a stark imbalance in military recruitments between states adds another layer of concern. For instance, ioiNews reported on the last army recruitment done with shocking disparity for the south. The disproportionate number of recruits from Kaduna alone compared to Anambra raised alarm in the selection process. With Kaduna boasting over 20,000 recruitment intakes while Anambra lagged behind with just over 500 intakes

The shocking tribal, religious disparity in the armed forces not only demands scrutiny of the characters in charge of federal recruitments to ensure a more inclusive and representative military force, but more importantly, to unmask the truth in long held rumores that points towards to ethno-religious imperialistic agenda from sinister northern elements

The incident involving the soldier’s threat to verydarkman underscores the urgent need for a thorough investigation, accountability, and possible court-martial proceedings activated on said soldier if found wanting.

Such actions are detrimental not only to the image of the Nigerian military and the trust that Nigerians place on their armed forces, but more importantly, feeds into the age-long suspicion that many Southerner and Christians have of the take over of Nigeria’s military architecture by sinister elements up north

IMAGE: Facebook/@Emeka Fan page

VIDEO: X/@Soul_Africaa, Youtube: Talking Drum

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