Rivers State: Opobo Kingdom Honours King Jaja’s Enduring Legacy

Opobo Kingdom recently witnessed the vibrant celebration of the annual Jeki Alali festival, where King Dandeson Douglas Jaja, the Amanyanabo and Natural Ruler, paid tribute to the enduring legacy of the late King Jaja. Acknowledging the founder’s supreme sacrifice, King Dandeson emphasized the collective responsibility of Opobo’s sons and daughters in preserving and advancing the community’s growth.

Amaopusenibo Randolph Omubo-Pepple, expressing gratitude for the event’s attendees, highlighted its significance in commemorating the accomplishments of the Jaja of Opobo and fostering unity amidst challenges faced in the previous year.

Amid the challenges of 2023, Amaopusenibo Randolph Omubo-Pepple affirmed the commitment to maintaining high standards for the festival. He encouraged competition among various houses, assuring the community that this year’s celebration would build upon the established benchmarks. Moreover, he urged those in positions of authority to support the Jaja House and contribute to the advancement of Opobo Kingdom, emphasizing the need for innovative ideas to enhance the festivities.

Professor Jones Michael Jaja, a distinguished scholar in African History, shed light on the symbolic significance of “Jeki” as a title reflecting King Jaja’s personality, empathy, and ultimate sacrifice. Prof. Jaja urged continued support from members of the Jaja House for the celebration and proposed the establishment of a foundation with a board of trustees to sustain the enduring legacies of King Jaja.

Amaopusenibo Nelson Jaja, former Chairman of Rivers State Traffic Management Authority, lauded King Jaja V for fostering peace and development in Opobo Kingdom. Recognizing King Jaja’s profound impact, he emphasized the festival as a time for heartfelt giving and sharing with others, transcending material possessions.

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