PDP Chieftain, Onuesoke, Laments FG’s Lack of Vision, Poor Economic Rescue Plans

A former gubernatorial aspirant in Delta State, Mr. Sunny Onuesoke has blasted the federal government over their inability to put to use any of Nigeria’s four refineries. The PDP Chieftain berated the government for their lack of vision and proper economic planning.

He asked why Nigeria with so much human and natural resources cannot refine our crude either for internal consumption or export. He said that it is a shame for the government to be celebrating the take –off of a private refinery where they were hoping to save 10 billion dollars from importation.

Speaking in reaction to the Delta State Gov. Mr.heriff Oborewori who expressed same disappointment on the issue, admonished the Federal government and other critical stakeholders to put heads together and reticulate our moribund refineries. He stated that Nigeria has no business importing refined oil as our economic indicators are very pathetic

Addressing reporters in Asaba, the Delta State capital, at the weekend, Onuesoke said he was in consonant with the governor’s postulations, as it makes no economic sense for a country like Nigeria to be importing fuel when she is abundantly endowed with crude oil and four refineries that has been in comatose for almost 3 decades

He opined: “Before the coming of this new government, I did advise that with the current economic situation in the country, removal of fuel subsidy would cause more hardship for Nigerians, especially the common man, if the refineries are not fixed.

“My advice was ignored. Now look at the economic mess the removal of the subsidy without fixing the refineries has put the nation.”

Wondering how Nigeria would have large amount of crude oil and still in lack of the product, the PDP chieftain stated that if the refineries were in use, Nigerians could refine the crude oil internally as it is the practice in other oil-producing nations. The ability to self process the crude oil means Nigerians cen get it at a cheaper rate instead of importing the product at exorbitant prices, which sends the economyinto decline and turmoil with added untold suffering on the masses

Onuesoke lamented that the APC fought the formal president, Goodluck Jonathan, vigorously on the removal of subsidy, but after ruling for eight years they went ahead to yank off the same subsidy which they have said is the common man’s only benefit in Nigeria.

“A lot of things have been happening. For years, our refineries have been down and nobody talks about how we can put them to use, instead, we are importing petroleum products.

“This is also biting on the economy of this country. Look at the prices of things which have gone up because we are not producing. If we were producing, we won’t have these challenges,” he submitted.

SOURCE: Daily trust

IMAGE: Voice of Delta

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