ONDO’s Oke-Igbo Town Mourns her Monarch

ONDO STATE– The traditional ruler of the border town of Oke-Igbo in Ondo State, Oba Lawrence Gbadewole Babajide, just passed away. The king constructed a state-of-the-art palace, worked to turn Igbo Olodumare into a popular tourist destination, started a bank, and made investments in the education of young natives.

As Oba Babajide’s last funeral ceremonies get underway this week, Southwest Bureau Chief BISI OLADELE writes about how the sixth Oluoke of Oke-Igbo transformed the community via a cultural, educational, and economic renaissance.

The Igbo Olodumare project was prioritized by Oba Babajide, the 17th monarch and sixth Oluoke of Oke-Igbo, upon his accession to the throne on September 14, 2018, in order to increase the town’s economic development and attract international attention.

He also constructed a palace worth several millions of naira, which enhances the prestige and splendor of the state. As the monarch is laid to rest this week, locals and other interested parties will reflect on the monarch’s brief but significant reign. He revived the virtues of resiliency and pride and inspired a group desire to build a brighter future for coming generations.

All of this was the course of his professional life until Ondo State Governor presented him with the traditional staff of office as the sixth Olu Oke of Oke Igbo six years ago. Before his elevation, the town had already seen his influence on Oke-Igbo’s leadership because he had previously held the titles of Bobajiro and, subsequently, Basorun of Oke Igbo.

SOURCE: The Nation

IMAGE: Hon Omojadegbe Alexander

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