Obi’s Support for Local Businesses – A Breathe of Fresh Air. 

Former Governor of Anambra State, Mr. Peter Obi, has once again demonstrated his commitment to promoting local entrepreneurship by patronizing Toga Fashion House in Awka.

The renowned politician recently paid a visit to the fashion house to renew his measurements and have another black senator outfit sewn for him. The gesture has been hailed by many as a commendable show of support for local businesses, especially in the fashion industry.

Toga Fashion House, which is known for its exquisite designs and top-notch tailoring services, has been a favorite among many high-profile individuals in Anambra State and beyond. With Mr. Obi’s visit, the fashion house has received even more attention and recognition, which could potentially attract more customers and boost its growth.

Mr. Obi’s patronage of local businesses is not a new phenomenon. Throughout his political career, he has consistently advocated for the promotion of local entrepreneurship as a means of creating jobs and boosting economic growth. He has also been a vocal supporter of Made-in-Nigeria products, urging Nigerians to embrace locally-made goods and services.

The former governor’s visit to Toga Fashion House is a clear demonstration of his commitment to these ideals. By choosing to patronize a local fashion house instead of a foreign brand, he is not only supporting the growth of a local business but also showcasing the quality and potential of Nigerian-made products.

In a country where the fashion industry is largely dominated by foreign brands, Mr. Obi’s support for local businesses is a breath of fresh air. It sends a message to other politicians, public figures, and Nigerians in general that it is possible to promote local entrepreneurship and create jobs by simply patronizing locally-made goods and services.

Overall, Mr. Obi’s visit to Toga Fashion House is a positive development for the fashion industry in Anambra State and Nigeria as a whole. It is a testament to the potential of local businesses and a reminder of the importance of supporting Made-in-Nigeria products.

Photo Credit: Twitter/@OkoyeCardinal

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