Oba Bakare Advocates for Government Support in Cultural Heritage Preservation Amid Youth Disinterest

  • Oba Bakare wants youths to participate in cultural, traditional practices, as it helps in ancestral knowledge and wisdom transmission

The revered traditional leader of Ayede, Odo-Ala, within the Akure North Local Council of Odo State, Oba Bakare Jimoh, has voiced his concerns regarding the declining engagement of the younger generation in their ancestral cultural practices and traditions.

Oba Bakare, during the Ifa festival celebrations, which coincided with his birthday and also included observances to two other deities, emphasized the necessity of cultural preservation and called upon the government to aid traditional rulers in sustaining and promoting the cultural richness of their respective communities. The festive occasion was a vibrant display of Ayede’s cultural customs and traditions.

Oba Bakare stressed that government investment in the preservation of cultural heritage not only ensures the protection of community identities but also paves the way for tourism, economic development, and international partnerships.

The traditional ruler expressed his concern over the indifferent attitude of the younger generation towards their cultural heritage. He highlighted the importance of the youth understanding and appreciating the historical importance and uniqueness of their cultural legacy.

He asserted that preserving cultural traditions is pivotal not just for maintaining a sense of identity, but also for fostering community unity and pride.

Oba Bakare pointed out the increasing interest of foreigners in African cultural celebrations and festivals. He considered their enthusiasm as a testament to the unique value of African heritage He called on the younger generation to actively participate in cultural events, festivals, and traditional practices, emphasizing that these activities play a key role in the transmission of ancestral knowledge and wisdom to future generations.

SOURCE: Guardian

IMAGE:  The Art Center


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